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Paige Byrd Moreland ·
love it romeo ... your the best ... always been a fan
Potential Heartache
I love it great job keep it up.
Savannah RaeNarsa Russell ·
I love me some romeooooooooooo.
Savannah RaeNarsa Russell ·
I love this song its so sweet...nd I feel like he is talkin about me.
Ian HT Rolle ·
Cnt wait to add this album to my collection
Kerry Woodward
Started listening to ur music ...wow ur good been having it playing in the car ever since lol
Darryle Crawford ·
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Paul E. Rayon ·
I manage this artist I and I would love to send you his demo can you give me some info on how I can make that happen thank you for your time.
Kadian Asemota ·
Works at House-Wife
so sweet
Jennifer Arredondo ·
Nice love it
Romeo Stanslaus ·
Tight track. I've been a fun since lil romeo till Maserati Rome #NoLimitForever.